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Our SEO Agency does SEO your best friend and #1 qualified traffic acquisition lever.

The referencing of your site is the pillar of your digital presence and is by far the most appreciated visibility strategy thanks to its low costs, but also thanks to its efficiency.

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Why use our SEO agency?

High quality SEO is not just about writing quality content on a page, it also involves a series of tactics off-pageand therefore outside the company's website. 

Reaching the first page of Google is not just about the keywords on a page, although finding the right keywords for a business certainly plays an important role. A website that has never been optimized has very little chance of ranking well in search engines. 

Thus, when a company wants to improve the visibility of its site, an audit offers an overview of the work to be done to obtain a high performance and well ranked website.

L'optimization of your website in search engines is essential, and gives it the visibility it needs to attract visitors and convert effectively.

How to create an effective SEO strategy?

Our expert SEO agency will allow your brand to rank high in the results for relevant keywords, in order to attract the attention of potential customers, through appropriate seo techniques on all pages of your website.

Today, the referencing of your site has become the essential element of its online success, as well as a long-term marketing strategy.

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Keyword research, technical and on-page SEO, we have what it takes to meet your needs and create a real strategy that works.

Content creation

In SEO, the content is master. That's why the content of a website must be optimized and written in a specific way that corresponds to Google's guidelines.

Link Building

Due to the new Google algorithms, link building is becoming more and more complex. That's why it's essential to build a quality internal linking and backlinks strategy.

Local SEO

Optimize your local presence in your city. Our specialists will take care of your referencing through social networks and local directories.

Google Optimization

Did you know that Google takes into account the speed of your site for its referencing? We optimize the speed of your website to maximize your chances of being on the first page.

Keyword research

Our SEO consultants identify the most interesting keywords for your site and your market share in order to increase traffic to your website.

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Why choose SEO as an acquisition lever?

The natural referencing, or Search Engine Optimization in English defines all the techniques designed to optimize positioning of a website, a page or an application in the results page of a search engine.

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing because Internet users perform millions of searches each year, often with the commercial intent of finding information about products and services.

Search is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands and complements other marketing channels. Improving your company's visibility will provide you with a higher ranking in search results, as well as a source of organic traffic.

The first step of SEO optimization of a website is the SEO audit. An audit is a complete scan of your site that will identify the areas of your site to improve, as well as the keywords to use. This step is crucial. Performing an free SEO audit.

Local SEO is a set of natural referencing techniques allowing your company to increase its local presence. It's a simple and effective way to get noticed online.

Netlinking is one of the most important elements of SEO. This method consists of acquiring links from many quality sources. This will allow Google to see the authority of your site on the internet.

The most important elements according to Google are the following:

  • Quality content
  • Technical SEO
  • Quality and relevant backlinks
  • Responsive design
  • Page speed
  • Domain Authority
  • User experience
  • Schemas
  • Web core vitals
  • Type of content
  • Depth of content
  • Freshness of content
  • HTTPS (security)

Since only a small percentage of people make it past the first page of Google results, your rivals will steal all your customers if your website is not on the first page. With each position, the CTR gradually decreases. A significant advantage of SEO over ads is that, unlike ads, your results won't stop if you stop paying today. SEO is crucial if a company wants to increase sales without breaking the bank on promotions.

Asixco, an SEO agency white hat

Our SEO Agency SEO in Geneva scrupulously follows the Google guidelines in terms of SEO and does everything possible to minimize the risks that your website could incur by using an agency using so-called "black hat" practices.

This practice consists of a set of "cheating" techniques designed to turn the algorithm in its favor. These techniques can penalize the site by making it go down in the search results, or worse, de-index it completely, forcing you to start from scratch.